Our president, Melanie, has accepted a new position as an outside field tech.  She began this work this week, so she will be taking a sabbatical from many of her union duties until the end of January to focus on learning her new job.  This does not mean she is vacating her position as our president, this just means she is being given the opportunity to focus on learning her new job until the end of January, when she will return to her normal duties.

In the meantime the day to day duties of the president will be handled by Jeremiah Clever.  I understand we’re all used to going to Mel with questions, but we need to try and give her the time she needs to learn her new job, so please direct your questions and concerns to Jeremiah for the time being.  You can email him at jeremiah@cwa7603.org, or call/text him at (208)407-3100.  He’s a good guy, and is ready to help however he can!

Congrats Mel, and we all hope you enjoy your new position!