The research department for the CWA National has requested we take some time to help them with some research.  Below you will find their request, we hope you will all (if you work in a call center) take some time and answer some questions for them!  Have your voice heard, members.  Tell them what you think/see in your job!

Dear CWA Members,

If you work in a call center, we invite you to take an online survey to help CWA learn about working conditions in call centers so that we can identify ‘best practices’ that help reduce stress and improve job quality for call center workers.

This important information will help us bargain more effectively and advocate for better policies. We will share the results with all those who participate, along with all elected leaders of CWA.


CWA is working with Cornell University Professor Virginia Doellgast to conduct this survey. Your individual responses are completely confidential and will not be shared with your employer or with the CWA. There is no compensation associated with participating in this survey.

Please note, there are two parts to the survey. Part 1 takes around 15 minutes to fill out, while Part 2 takes an additional 10 minutes. We ask that you complete both parts of the survey if you are able to do so — but if this is too much of a time commitment, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete Part 1.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey – it’s a big help.

Questions can be directed to Virginia Doellgast at

The CWA Research Department