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CWA has reached a majority and is awaiting certification for:

985 Customer Service Reps in Tulsa, OK
142 Techs/Warehouse/Admin in TN
922 Techs/Warehouse/Admin in TX, OK, AR, KS & MO
110 Techs/Warehouse/Admin in OR

CWA is CERTIFIED as the representative for:

97 Techs/Warehouse/Admin in MD and DE
2023 Techs/Warehouse/Admin in CA and NV
739 Customer Service Reps in Huntsville, AL

Organizing Update: DirecTV Workers Choose CWA
Organizing Update: DirecTV Call Center Workers Join CWA
Organizing Update: Big Win for DirecTV Workers in CA and NV

We signed CWA Authorization cards because we want to build a strong union at DTV. Join us!

DTV workers around the country are joining together to protect and improve our jobs! More than 5,000 DTV workers have recently joined the 134,000 AT&T employees who already have a voice on the job as members of CWA. Now its Boise’s turn! Sign your CWA Authorization Card today!

1 “I want DirecTV to be a great place to work again. I believe having a strong union to support us is the way to do that. AT&T now owns DTV and they are the ones now making changes that concern me and may not be in my best interest.” – Michelle Monahan
“It’s great that we, as DTV, the #1 provider of subscription TV joined the #1 provider of voice and data, but its the fact that AT&T accepts our right to a voice at the company, that will ultimately enable us to be the #1 entertainment company.” – Bruce Gall 3
4 “With AT&T taking over DirecTV, nothing is really assured. I want the job security and pay security that having a union contract provides. I’m looking forward to joining together with my co-workers and gaining a voice in my future at this company.” – Melissa Orozco
“My Dad was a Union truck driver for years. I know first hand how much power being union actually gives you.” – Katherine Veasey 5
6 “The life of a call center agent is hard. We’re expected to allow others to emotionally abuse us while being required to sit and take it literally and figuratively…all the while being measured, monitored, videotaped and told what we did wrong, every word, every minute, everyday. We need a strong union voice in the call center to have
real input into the way our goals and incentive plans are developed and applied. We need CWA!” – Kathryn Grigg
“I’ve been a card carrying member of the CWA since 2003. They know call centers, and actually have current contracts with the majority of AT&T locations…I work in a call center and want to be represented by an organization that knows call centers.” – Brian Hoyt 7

For more information, or to get involved, call CWA Local 7603 at (208)336-7603