The election committee spent yesterday stuffing envelopes to get election ballots out to our members yesterday.  As you all can imagine, it’s tough work making sure we have addresses for everyone.  We will be doing some final hand-written ballots today, so everyone should have theirs by Friday.

IF by some chance you do not get one, and you are a current member, please email the election committee at and we will make sure you get yours!  You can also see your steward, or call the hall to be put in touch with the committee chair to get one to you ASAP.

All members in the DSL/RCMAC/AT&T centers should have also received an email with information on the 2 candidates for your VP position.  If you did not get that email, then you are not on our distrobution list.  You need to contact the election committee at the above email address to make sure we have all of your current contact info, then we will make sure you get the email.

Thanks everyone!!!