Hey everyone, hope your week is going great, and I hope you have big plans for the weekend!  I personally have already mowed my lawn this week….  I know, I’m weird.

Ok, to the business at hand:  Last year we put out a show of interest for anyone wanting to be involved in the many member committees we have available.  While we filled in the spots, there has been some turnover, and we really never pushed to get these committees started.

Now that things are returning to normal (turnover in webmaster, president on sabbatical, and whatever it is that Jason does….), we are ready to get all of our committees active!

Click here to see what committees we have available, and if you’re interested, just shoot an email to office@cwa7603.org and let us know!  We will be jumping on this soon, so please be sure to let us know ASAP.

Thanks everyone!