As has already been explained, nominations for ALL board positions are up for elections starting next month.  Standard process is that any nomination for a candidate must be made during a meeting (or by emailing the election chair person at, then that nominee has the option to accept or decline the nomination.  After the monthly meeting in October ballots will be mailed out to all current members.  Instructions will be included with the ballots.

Current nominations made at the meeting last night:

  • Jason Burnett for Outside tech VP – Accepted nomination
  • Michael Peterson for Sales VP – Accepted nomination
  • Mark Hatfield for Sec/Treas – Accepted nomination
  • Melanie Weeks for President – Accepted nomination
  • Kelly Williamson for DSL VP – Accepted nomination
  • Curt Jones for DSL VP – Accepted nomination
  • Jeremiah Clever for EVP – Accepted nomination

The final request for nominations will happen at the next meeting on October 17.