We have always passively said, “Be sure to wear red on Thursdays to show your solidarity.”

Well….  we think it’s time for us to quit being so passive.  With so many changes going on in our jobs, it’s important for us to be sure we show the one standard that isn’t changing is your support for our local!

So…  wear your red tomorrow!  Show your VP’s some love and surprise them with a great show of solidarity when you’re in the office!

Also, share this with your co workers!  Not all of them know where to find us on FB, Twitter, Google +, or our website. Share this message with your brothers and sisters, lets remind CTL that we’re still here… unified!


Signing Out…

Hey Folks, it’s Russ here.
Today marks 10 years that I have been under the hood here as your webmaster with Local 7603. Today also marks the day I officially hand off the baton (which was really a thumbdrive) to your newest wrangler of the bits, Curt Jones. I have been absolutely honored to have had the opportunity to help represent our local under Brent’s, Frosty’s, and Mel’s great leadership. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and the crumbs in my keyboard for putting up with construction as I’ve reinvented the wheel a few times as well as the occasional update that went sideways. I know I leave you in good hands with Curt. I hope you all do me a favor when he gets things right and remind him “That’s not the way Russ woulda done it!”.

So this is it. My final post. Straight ahead and rest assured as I hand the keys to Curt. Keep on doing what you do. One day at a time. One day at a time…
(Sorry! I couldn’t resist!)


AT&T Voting Cont

We will be at the AT&T store in Meridian on Wednesday this week to collect votes on the TA from members.  We will be there between 12p and 2p.

If you have not had a chance to submit your ballot, PLEASE let us know!  Email the office@cwa7603.org or let Kelly Williamson know so we can get that collected.  Ballots will be counted on Thursday, so get on it if you haven’t already!