Call center agents, please take some time!

The research department for the CWA National has requested we take some time to help them with some research.  Below you will find their request, we hope you will all (if you work in a call center) take some time and answer some questions for them!  Have your voice heard, members.  Tell them what you think/see in your job!

Dear CWA Members,

If you work in a call center, we invite you to take an online survey to help CWA learn about working conditions in call centers so that we can identify ‘best practices’ that help reduce stress and improve job quality for call center workers.

This important information will help us bargain more effectively and advocate for better policies. We will share the results with all those who participate, along with all elected leaders of CWA.


CWA is working with Cornell University Professor Virginia Doellgast to conduct this survey. Your individual responses are completely confidential and will not be shared with your employer or with the CWA. There is no compensation associated with participating in this survey.

Please note, there are two parts to the survey. Part 1 takes around 15 minutes to fill out, while Part 2 takes an additional 10 minutes. We ask that you complete both parts of the survey if you are able to do so — but if this is too much of a time commitment, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete Part 1.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey – it’s a big help.

Questions can be directed to Virginia Doellgast at vld7@cornell.edu

The CWA Research Department


Looking to get involved?

Wanting to get involved in your union, but not sure where to start?  Well we are currently looking for a show of interest in any of our committees.  You can find a list on the committees page here: cwa7603.org/committees/

Most committees are currently empty, but it’s time to get them started back up!  If you are interested, have questions, or simply want to say hi to Mel, you can do any of these by sending an email to:  office@cwa7603.org.  Tell her the webmaster sent ya  🙂

Everybody have a great week, and enjoy the rest of your summer!  We’ll see you at the meeting in August!



We have had some new organizational changes as of our last meeting due to vacancies needing filling.  Here are the changes:

1) New President is Melanie Weeks taking over for Mike Frost who resigned due to his move to Oregon
2) New inbound VP is Michael Peterson (this was a while ago, just getting around to making the update).
3) New EVP chosen by e-board: Jeremiah Clever
4) Because of these moves, the e-board also elected Mark Hatfield to take over as Sec/Treas as well
5) There are also new stewards, the steward page has been updated on the website.

Congrats on the new positions!  Everyone keep in mind that full elections take place this fall, so start considering a run if you think you’d like to take a shot at a position.

Good luck in your new endeavors, Mike!


Upcoming CenturyLink Tentative Agreement Vote

To all CenturyLink employees: In order to try to get the highest participation possible for the Tentative Agreement vote, we will be doing site visits for in person voting 6/6 and 6/7 in the break rooms from 11 AM to 3 PM. On 6/6 we will have evening voting for the late shift members in RCMAC and Repair from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM

We posted the full details on the Tentative Agreement to the Facebook page and cwa7603.org on May 23rd so you can have an educated vote, but we will have wage and insurance breakdowns available at voting as well. If you aren’t able to vote in person on either of those dates we can arrange to get you a ballot, just email office@cwa7603.org and we’ll get one sent out to you. If you are a work from home agent we mailed a ballot to your address today.

We need to have the local voting results turned into the District by 6/16 at noon.


2017 Annual Member & Retiree Picnic

Friday, June 16th

5pm – 9pm


Julius M . Kleiner

Memorial Park

1900 N. Records Ave


Open play area,

Sand Volleyball,



& Splash pad.

(Bring a swimsuit and towel to enjoy the splash pad.)

Burgers, Brats,

Sides, Sodas,

and all the Fixin’s

will be provided.



(No glass containers)
Kleiner Park map
From Eagle Road Turn in at the light by Toys and Babies R Us – follow and enter the park, the A1 shelter is straight ahead.

From Fairview Road turn into the shopping area on N Records Ave…proceed around the round a bout and take the 1st entrance to the right after the main park entry way arch. Shelter A1 will be straight ahead


CenturyLink Tentative Agreement

We have received the details on the tentative agreement from the district. Our local has not recommended voting for OR against a tentative agreement in the past, and the same is true now. If people like it, they should vote YES. If they don’t, and are prepared to do what it takes to get a better contract, then they should vote NO. If we don’t ratify the tentative agreement then we will go into full bargaining, which means the entire contract is open for negotiations.

We want to be sure that we get a high turnout on the ratification vote, so we’ll be settin gup on-site voting at work locations. As we have more details we’ll be sure to put them out to stewards, Facebook, etc.

The full breakdown on the agreement from District can be found here:
Explanation TA w-Attachments