Survey on Call Center Stress

Please take this survey to help CWA learn about the causes of stress for call center members, and what we can do to improve job quality. CWA is partnering with Cornell University Professor Virginia Doellgast to conduct this scientific survey.

Here is the link to the survey: https://cornell.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_aaUGIEvp7bM5Vkx

The survey takes 10 to 15 minutes and can be completed on a computer, smart phone or tablet.

We need all members to participate in order to make this successful. Thank you for taking the survey and encouraging your coworkers to do the same.



The election committee spent yesterday stuffing envelopes to get election ballots out to our members yesterday.  As you all can imagine, it’s tough work making sure we have addresses for everyone.  We will be doing some final hand-written ballots today, so everyone should have theirs by Friday.

IF by some chance you do not get one, and you are a current member, please email the election committee at election.committee@cwa7603.org and we will make sure you get yours!  You can also see your steward, or call the hall to be put in touch with the committee chair to get one to you ASAP.

All members in the DSL/RCMAC/AT&T centers should have also received an email with information on the 2 candidates for your VP position.  If you did not get that email, then you are not on our distrobution list.  You need to contact the election committee at the above email address to make sure we have all of your current contact info, then we will make sure you get the email.

Thanks everyone!!!


Acting president

Our president, Melanie, has accepted a new position as an outside field tech.  She began this work this week, so she will be taking a sabbatical from many of her union duties until the end of January to focus on learning her new job.  This does not mean she is vacating her position as our president, this just means she is being given the opportunity to focus on learning her new job until the end of January, when she will return to her normal duties.

In the meantime the day to day duties of the president will be handled by Jeremiah Clever.  I understand we’re all used to going to Mel with questions, but we need to try and give her the time she needs to learn her new job, so please direct your questions and concerns to Jeremiah for the time being.  You can email him at jeremiah@cwa7603.org, or call/text him at (208)407-3100.  He’s a good guy, and is ready to help however he can!

Congrats Mel, and we all hope you enjoy your new position!


FLU SHOT clinic in Boise

All employees working at 999 Main in downtown Boise will have the option to get a flu shot on October 5.  Ryan Weeks has organized this benefit that will be held in the Snake River room in the basement of the building.  Information should get emailed to all employees in the office soon, but we wanted to give you the heads up early!  Make sure you schedule your time so you can get in and out as quick as possible on that day.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit up Ryan Weeks!


Nominations have begun!

As has already been explained, nominations for ALL board positions are up for elections starting next month.  Standard process is that any nomination for a candidate must be made during a meeting (or by emailing the election chair person at election.committee@cwa7603.org), then that nominee has the option to accept or decline the nomination.  After the monthly meeting in October ballots will be mailed out to all current members.  Instructions will be included with the ballots.

Current nominations made at the meeting last night:

  • Jason Burnett for Outside tech VP – Accepted nomination
  • Michael Peterson for Sales VP – Accepted nomination
  • Mark Hatfield for Sec/Treas – Accepted nomination
  • Melanie Weeks for President – Accepted nomination
  • Kelly Williamson for DSL VP – Accepted nomination
  • Curt Jones for DSL VP – Accepted nomination
  • Jeremiah Clever for EVP – Accepted nomination

The final request for nominations will happen at the next meeting on October 17.


Elections are coming!!!

Thank you to our Sec/Treas Mark Hatfield for putting this flyer together!  Some things to think about:

1:  If you did not receive this flyer in your email, it’s because we don’t have a current email address for you.
2:  Ballots are all mailed out every year.  Every member gets a ballot, so if you have moved in the last year (let’s be safe and say 2 years!!!) then I would HIGHLY suggest emailing the office with your details so we can make sure you get yours.
3:  Ballots are not hard to do, we send detailed instructions, but every year we have to throw away a few because people do not follow the instructions.  Please take your time and make sure you do it right.

If you need to update your email/mailing address with the hall, send an email to:  office@cwa7603.org as soon as possible so we can make sure you are included.


We will be posting many updates leading up to the elections.  PLEASE (I can’t stress this enough) ask questions if you have them!!!  Email the hall, ask a steward/officer, shoot….  email one of the webmasters!!!  I’m happy to answer any questions I can!  (Curt Jones, look me up!)


Call center agents, please take some time!

The research department for the CWA National has requested we take some time to help them with some research.  Below you will find their request, we hope you will all (if you work in a call center) take some time and answer some questions for them!  Have your voice heard, members.  Tell them what you think/see in your job!

Dear CWA Members,

If you work in a call center, we invite you to take an online survey to help CWA learn about working conditions in call centers so that we can identify ‘best practices’ that help reduce stress and improve job quality for call center workers.

This important information will help us bargain more effectively and advocate for better policies. We will share the results with all those who participate, along with all elected leaders of CWA.


CWA is working with Cornell University Professor Virginia Doellgast to conduct this survey. Your individual responses are completely confidential and will not be shared with your employer or with the CWA. There is no compensation associated with participating in this survey.

Please note, there are two parts to the survey. Part 1 takes around 15 minutes to fill out, while Part 2 takes an additional 10 minutes. We ask that you complete both parts of the survey if you are able to do so — but if this is too much of a time commitment, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete Part 1.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey – it’s a big help.

Questions can be directed to Virginia Doellgast at vld7@cornell.edu

The CWA Research Department