Bargaining Update

Recently District 7 of the CWA announced they have agreed to early bargaining with CenturyLink/Lumen for our expiring contract. I will paste the letter below, but first I want to suggest that all members do two things.
1. Sign up for bargaining updates. Be sure to know what our bargaining team is sharing with the membership as they negotiate our contract!
2. Sign the petition below to show that you’re “ALL IN” for our contract. There is going to be mobilization opportunities soon for all members, and as always we will share as much as possible at each monthly meeting.
3. If you do not currently get emails from our Local on meeting day, please consider updating your contact information with us so you can get those invitations to the meetings. Send your contact information to [email protected] and we will be sure to get you added.

As always… we are always available to answer questions. You can email your VP from the Officers page, you can email all of them at once ([email protected]), you can message me through Facebook or Instagram. Or you can find the steward in your office for any information. I hope all stewards are keeping up with current goings on, as you’re about to get questions. Thank you, brothers and sisters!!! – Curt (webmaster, social media manager)


Dear Locals:

Lumen management has proposed early bargaining for our contract which is set to expire in March 2023. We have accepted, and will meet with the company the week of June 27, 2022. We are willing to listen to what the company has to say. We are also clear on what we are looking for in an early agreement: improved wages and job security. We are willing to see if we can make the progress we need for our members, and if we do not we will continue to full blown bargaining in 2023.

We have already begun building a strong mobilization plan via our Fight Forward @ Lumen campaign for 2023 bargaining, and we will continue to build our power through our mobilization network and membership.

If you haven’t taken the bargaining survey please complete one ASAP as we will be starting initial talks soon.

Our power at the bargaining table comes from the power of the members and the actions of the members. Our number 1 priority is the livelihood of our members, good jobs and secure jobs.

Please keep watching for more ways you can participate in mobilization activities as we move forward. This Thursday, and every Thursday make sure to wear red to show Lumen that we are united for a fair contract that provides wages that meet the current economic environment we are living in. Make sure you are signed up for all bargaining updates. Tell all of your co-workers to sign the I am all in pledge card using the below QR code to support the contract negotiations.

In Unity,

Your CenturyLink Bargaining Committee

Lisa Avila, Chair
Paul Castaneda, Co-Chair
Valerie Packer, CWA Local 7621
Michael Salazar, CWA Local 7037
Thomas Denos, CWA Local 7704
Anthony Scorzo, CWA Local 7777