Before CWA

This is a very important reminder of how we functioned on the job before we had a Union.  The word continually heard around the work-site was “NO”.

  • NO Guaranteed Wage Increase
  • NO Medical Insurance
  • NO Vision Plan
  • NO Job Security
  • NO Paid Holidays
  • NO Jury Duty Pay
  • NO Break Periods
  • NO Uniform Pay Scale
  • NO Seniority Rights
  • NO Health and Safety Programs
  • NO Moving Allowance
  • NO Long Term Disability Benefits
  • NO Early Retirement
  • NO Paid Vacation
  • NO Dental Plan
  • NO Savings Plan
  • NO Grievance Process
  • NO Paid Absences
  • NO Sickness – Accident Benefits
  • NO Paid Life Insurance
  • NO Double Time After 49 Hours
  • NO Promotion Opportunities
  • NO Shift Preferences
  • NO Bereavement Pay
  • NO Severance Pay

So the next time one of your co-workers asks, “What has CWA ever done for me?” Please show them this article … Brought to you by your Local CWA 7603 Officers / Executive Board / Members