Emergency meeting called

Good morning brothers and sisters, happy Monday.
We hope your weekend treated you well and you're back to work fully rested.

This message is specifically for those who are affected by the surplus announcement last week.  Many of you have questions (so do we) about where we go from here or options available to those affected.  May 5-7 is our District meeting in Vancouver, Melanie and Curt will be attending.  We plan on getting answers to some of these questions during this meeting and hope to bring them back to you.  

The best way to do that is to hold an emergency Zoom meeting for any affected member who wants to attend.  We also know that some of you work later shifts and want to be a part of this, so I hope this makes it easier for more folks to attend.  We will hold this meeting on May 8 at 7pm.  We will likely still be road tired, but we are here for you all, so we are happy to do it. Jessica will send this same information out in an email this evening, so please mark your calendars.

I realize some of you still work during this time, but we're hoping this advanced notice will allow most of you to flex or make arrangements to be there.  Maybe use a flex for an extended lunch during that time?  These are just suggestions, feel free to bug us for options if this conflicts with your schedule.  We want to make sure we are available for the majority.  Please reply to the email and send your RSVP to Jessica to make sure you get the invite for the meeting if you're attending.  DO NOT RSVP through social media, please use email.

Thank you all.  Have a good week, and don't be afraid to reach out to ANY of us with questions.

Your 7603 Officers