Strike Preparedness Guidelines

It’s ALWAYS time to be prepared for an upcoming possible strike! Don’t wait until the last minute, you WILL regret it. If you haven’t already started planning, here’s some suggestions:

  • Plan a budget and STICK TO IT
  • Plan to save two to three months of mortgage payments
  • If you work overtime, bank the extra pay
  • Pay off debt/bills
  • Delay major purchases until after the contract is ratified
  • Stock up on non-perishable, packaged foods and household cleaning items
  • Fill your freezer with meat and frozen food
  • Get maintenance or repairs done on your home and vehicles
  • Schedule and complete all medical appointments before the contract expires
  • Reorder prescriptions and other medical supplies needed for a 2-3 month strike
  • Notify any creditors that you may be on strike and discuss rearranging payment schedules

Remember to think ahead! Start planning, and be ready!