This Month's Meeting Discussion Topic

Good evening brothers and sisters!  I hope you’re all staying warm as it seems the blazing summer just flipped a switch and went to freezing!!!

Last month there was a motion brought to the membership at the monthly meeting that is going to be brought up again at this month’s meeting.  The motion was:  “Do you support a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment/contract.”

The motion passed by majority YAY, but since then there has been a bunch of questions about how the mailer should be done and what the root of the motion was supposed to be.  We (Jeremiah, Michael, and Curt) approached Mark (who made the original motion) and we agreed to postpone the questionnaire until we can discuss it further at the October meeting.

So we will be discussing this again next week (Oct 21, 7pm), and I anticipate a bunch of opinions to be voiced.  Before that happens, we asked a couple of members to write short essays to support their view of both sides of this issue.  Our sec/treas also requested to write an essay which does not at all encompass the views of any other officer, it’s just one officer’s viewpoint, so please do not think it’s an official statement.

So please take some time to read each essay, then be ready to discuss it at the next meeting.  The meeting will be over Zoom, and is going to be run VERY strictly:  only one person allowed to speak at a time, no hate/bully speak or that person will be removed from the meeting with no warning… stuff like that.  I will also be allowing comments to be made on the essays.  Same rules apply, I will remove any hate speech or bullying on the website.

We understand that this whole thing is so polarizing, everyone has a stand and a firm belief, and we do not want to alienate anyone.  We love you guys, and want everyone who wants to have a voice to be allowed that time.